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    Cluster / portlet session replication / documentation and mo

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      about PortletSession replication in clusters, the documentation says :

      The servlet specification is very loose on the subject of replication and does not state anything about the replication of sessions during a dispatched request. JBoss Portal offers a portlet session replication mechanism that leverages the usage of the portal session instead which has several advantages :
      Replicate only the portlet that requires it.

      any idea of what is meant by : "Replicate only the portlet that requires it."

      I guess it means :
      - only the portlet that have received the action request have changed its state
      - so only this portlet session his replicated

      is that correct ?
      is it "several portlets sessions are replicated ?

      more detail in the doc, on what is the criteria of "that requieres it" and on when and how it is done... would be nice.

      because, there is another question :
      - with the event feature, that allow to dispatch the request from one portlet to another (see documentation 2.6 / chapter 10.8.2. Achieving Inter Portlet Communication with the events mechanism)
      - then, which portlet session(s) will be replicated ?

      The global question is : can events be used widely in HA clustered mode ?

      Open a jira for more details in this chapter of the doc ?