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    Jboss Portal 2.6 problems with API login and an URL request

    Jean Pierre Huertas Lopez Newbie

      Hello there!

      I am using the API of 2.6 UserAuthenticationEvent to catch the login event.
      I need to do a request to a portlet in the login moment, but all my portal are restricted only for an authenticated user, then I tried to do the request (into the onEvent method ) to my portlet using the URL class of java and the URLConnection, and a send the cookie of the session of jboss portal (JSESSIONID).
      When I send a wrong cookie the request returns me the html of the login page(it is right), but when I send the cookie of the actual user (just logged in) the portal doesn't do anything and I don't receive any response of my request, the portal crash.

      is there another way to do it, to call to process action method of a portlet from the onEvent method of the API.

      Thanks a lot!!!