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    Portlet Container 2.0.0 CR2, Portlet Bridge and JSF 1.2 Prob

    Dean Ashby Newbie


      I know this is a bit bleeding edge but I was just wondering if anyone has tried this combination yet?

      I've been trying to get the richfaces-basic example built from the Maven archetype working under the JBPC 2.0.0 CR2 on Tomcat 6.0. The initial view for the example portlet is successfully rendered but the processing of the request when you hit the enter key is broken.

      The exact nature of the problem is dependent on the JSF 1.2 implementation being used. If using the JSF reference implementation (1.2-b20-FCS) then the request just seems to be ignored (we suspect the HTTP request parameters are not making it across to the portlet action request). When using MyFaces 1.2.2 an HTTP 500 error is returned by the SimplePortal but no exceptions are thrown either in the console or any of the Tomcat log files.

      Thought I'd check here before posting this as a bug in Jira.