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    JBoss Portal x Liferay Portal x eXo Portal

    Jonathan Muniz Newbie

      I wanted to know what reason to use the Jboss Portal and its tools instead use other tools on the market.
      Here where I work we do not feel safe on the tools of Jboss Portal, low participation, low representation, why the blog does not work?, What are the ideas for the future?, Errors in the demo available on the site of JBOSS this is ridiculous
      how to choose a tool that?
      Sorry for sincerity!
      The messes on the link to the blog is a warning ridiculous http://www.jboss.org/jbossblog/downloads/
      Please visit in a month:)
      Where are you?

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          Thomas Heute Master

          JBoss Portal doesn't provide applications (such as the blog you mention, blog is a totally independent project of jboss.org btw, you could host your own project on it if you wanted, such as Kosmos portlets which are not developped by JBoss employees).
          JBoss Portal provides a framework to build *your* portal. (JBoss is still a middleware division)

          We don't expect you to use the default portal that exists on the demo, it's just a way to "show" something. So if you want to provide a better out of the box portal, feel free to contribute but that's not the value we create so little time is spent on this (I know it has an impact for people evaluating our product by just looking at the demo box)

          We offer services for portals, such as identity, sso, wsrp, portlet container, theme and layout, user management (talking about API here) and personalization... We also ensure that it scales and work fine in a portal environment.

          Our users/customers build their own portlets on top of this framework with technologies such as JSF, Struts, Seam... They usually have strong requirements and will not live with any out of the box forum or blog portlet, they want *their* features, *their* layout...

          So since we don't provide applications, we are probably less visible in some area. For large scale developments, we are very visible and competitive but those customers are unfortunately to shy on becoming references :(

          That said, we partnered with Alfresco (ECM) and Pentaho, for the application side, more partnership of this kind could happen.

          I hope that i was clear enough.

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            Jonathan Muniz Newbie

            Sure you were clear enough.
            and I agree with you.
            I think that could then be more careful especially with the demo does not show messages from mistakes and seek more professional attitudes regarding partners (as in the example the message of the blog http://www.jboss.org/jbossblog/downloads/
            Please visit in a month:) you wait a month and nothing new)
            I prefer using Jboss exactly for everything that you spoke, the more it's difficult to convince people when you have such things.
            This shows a certain neglect.

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              Thomas Heute Master

              Again, jboss.org is like a Sourceforge. You can have any project, JBoss Portal doesn't control that.

              About the demo box, we decided to give full admin rights and swipe everything every 2 hours (i think). Since anyone can have full admin rights, it's easy to break stuff.

              I sure wish we had more time to provide a very polished demo portal, but this comes low in priority. (or i should say that there are too many high priorities)

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                je le Newbie

                Jbossportal (and jboss) are far from easy to get with. The docs/tutorials are not bad but miss many keys point, like the use of jbossportlet instead of genericportlet.
                Anyway both are powerfull soft.

                For me jbossportal is not a cms, but more a site/portal engine : out of the box you cannot do much. Links it with entreprise application, repositories, dwr, ajax etc... you can do whatever you want. jbp is not for end user.

                If you have a team, time, can code, want to control every tiny part of yours sites, where/how to store your datas etc : that's your tool. Only want to publish few static pages with perhaps a simple db, on a single site : pick something else.