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    CMS repository corruption

    Marco Antonio Porcho Souza Newbie

      Hi there. I'm using JBoss Portal 2.6.4-GA on Windows XP, and PostgreSQL 8.1.

      Some days ago, my database got corrupted as the server JBP runs into was turned down. I'm getting a lot of "couldn't get node" exceptions. My CMSService uses the default configuration when it comes to store (ie. 100% database storage).

      What I want to do know is to recreate the entire CMS repository. I've done it once, by dropping the CMS related tables from the database and having JBP recreated them by the time it starts, but I forgot which tables I have to drop.

      Anyone knows which tables I must drop to recreate the repository?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Antoine Herzog Master

          The names of all the cms table starts with "jbp_cms_"

          so you can build a sql script that do all those drops.

          Here is my script (should work fine, even if I did not check it for a long time) :

          -- Drop CMS tables
          Drop Table jbp_cms_cmsentry;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_perm_criteria;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_perm_role;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_perm_user;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_perm;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_repositoryentry;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_version_binval;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_version_node;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_version_prop;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_version_refs;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_versionentry;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_wsp_binval;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_wsp_node;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_wsp_prop;
          Drop Table jbp_cms_wsp_refs;

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            Marco Antonio Porcho Souza Newbie

            Thanks! Dropping the tables you've listed did the trick.