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    Portal Admin customization

    Steven Crosley Newbie


      I'm looking into doing some customization of the admin portal.

      I need to assign a set of roles to a portal containing a set of pages. Each page would have a custom layout and set of portlets.

      Are there any Admin APIs that I can use? Also is it possible to create a standalone admin portlet that uses existing admin portal infrastructure?


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          Antoine Herzog Master

          yes, you can do all that.

          you can make a portlet for admin, that works in a "standalone" page.

          and more over : it is open source : you can look at the code, and make some adaptation for your own needs.

          but there is no real "Admin API"
          the Admin portlet uses the Portal API to make the requests and change.
          and some JSP to provide the GUI to the user.

          so look how it is coded yet : you will find the portal API to do what you want (add some roles etc...)

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            Chris Laprun Master

            We'd be interested in seeing the results of any such customization if at all possible.

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              Steven Crosley Newbie

              Thanks for the replies. I was looking through the admin portlet code. In editPageLayout.xhtml it appears to pull in another portlet to get a list of instances:

               onClick="url.setParameter('windowName', document.getElementById('windowForm:windowName').value);"/>

              Can someone explain how this jbp:portlet tag works and where this add'l portlet is located?