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    Is jboss portal a good platform to develop a tracking projec

    Li Lian Newbie


      I need a system to manage my projects. Something like Track with the facility to use the components of my choice (track uses it's own components) :
      - bug tracker (mantis)
      - timesheet (specific internal project)
      - technical documentation (mediawiki)
      - general documentation (alfresco)
      - versionning system (subversion)
      - actors (from ldap)

      Is jboss portal a good start to develop this ?

      With the ability to display all the projects or a complete display off one project, provides a wizard to create a new project step by step etc ?

      Best regards

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          Prabhat Jha Master

          Answer is always a big YES if you ask us. :-)

          If these components expose API which you can consume using java then I don't see why you can not but of course devil is in details. Better to do a POC first.

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            Andy Pemberton Newbie

            This is a fairly nebulous question and would really depend on your requirements, but I'll toss in my two cents.

            First, to your comparison - Trac is a custom app written in Python.

            Second, you have to think about what a Portal platform and specifically what JSR168 and JSR286 buy you. The portlet JSRs define a framework for building modular components, which doesn't sound too far from what you need - but, coordination between components is limited - though much better with JSR286. The portlet specs also talk a lot about security and JBoss Portal is packaged w/the JBoss Identity API which you could leverage.

            Though, on the other hand, developing in a Portal framework can also be restrictive and provide additional features you may not need. For example, does a theme framework make sense for your project tracking/mgmt software?

            Honestly - it sounds like a custom app to me; if I had my choice I'd take a look at http://www.seamframework.org/.