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    Use Themes outside of actual portal.

    Micah Cleveland Newbie

      Is there a way to use portal themes outside of the actual portal. We plan on using the Portal as a gateway to our custom spring applications. We want the spring applications to take advantage of JBOSS themes without having to implement this as portals.

      Is this possible ?

      If so, how ?

      Write now I am looking into copying several of the CSS selectors into my custom app.

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          Andy Pemberton Newbie

          Sure; Portal themes run as (or inside) a typical Java EE WAR. There's no reason your custom Spring-based web apps can't directly reference your Portal's CSS files.

          You shouldn't have to copy the CSS selectors, you should be able to reference your Portal's theme CSS files directly:

          <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="/portal/yourportaltheme/styles/style.css" />

          The above should work if your custom spring apps were deployed to the Portal server; otherwise you'd want to reference the appropriate server, etc.

          You can't, however, easily take advantage of the other features provided by Portal themes - layouts, regions, etc.

          Along those lines, if you do deploy the Spring apps on the Portal server, you should easily be able to enable single-sign on between them: http://www.andypemberton.com/jboss/securing-ajax-servlets-in-jboss-portal/

          Good luck.