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    Iphone MobileSafari error on render Portal layouts

    Francesc Gonzalez Newbie


      Currently I'm working in iPhone's access to our main Portal application. I realize that when you log in a Portal instance (specially created for mobile access with its own layout and theme) and loads a Portlet, you're are embedding, produced html code from the default jsp in portlet, to the main html code from layout page definition. This means that you're using two html, head, body..... tags. Safari in its version for desktops or for iPhone does not support this embedded code. Then my greatest problem is that I need to load tags for jsf, richfaces, etc in the html tag in the jsp from portlet.

      One solution could be loading these tags on the layout page, but this page is in the jboss-portal.sar deployment folder and I could never add support to JSF or Richfaces in this module.

      Other could be to know the way Safari can support embedded tags, but still I could not find an answer to this question.

      Anybody could give any light about it?