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    Session Problem

    Peris Ramaiah Newbie

      Jboss server 4.2.2.GA
      Jboss portal 2.7.0

      I have created some user name and pasword in jboss portal. Based on the user name and password I have forwarded the user to their particular portal. I can get the user details in the following jsp files.


      In the above file I set the user name in session object ( session.setAttribute("userName" , userName) ). I tried to get this session value in portlet jsp file using the following way.

      1 ) session.getAttribute("userName");

      2 ) String) Navigation.getPortalRuntimeContext().getSession().getAttribute("userName");

      3) (String)renderRequest.getPortletSession().getAttribute("userName");

      But I got only null values. I dont know how to set the value in session in tabs.jsp and get that value from session in portlet jsp files. I f you have any idea please share with me.