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    Good framework to use in JBoss Portal?

    Amair Ahmed Newbie

      Hi !


      I have looking into JBoss Portals and availbale frameworks and their integrations in portlet development. I had a small doubt regarding the framework support in portlet development. I need to use either one among struts/JSF/Spring Portlet MVC framework in one of my projects. My question is which one will be better suitable for portlet development and why?

      Does using bridges in the development of portlets will leverage and support the same features and functionallities of JSR-168 portlet development features like Portlet Preferences, Request Types, Portlet Modes and various states? Is Spring Portlet MVC a good framework to go with portlet development?

      I will really appreaciate, if I could able to find the feasible solutions.

      Thanks and Regards,

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          Amair Ahmed Newbie


          I am desperately looking for the solution to the above post. Can someone please help me on this.

          Thanks in Advance

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            Chris Laprun Master

            Personally, I'd go with JSF. Our portlet bridge project is quite mature now and well supported. We're using JSF + facelets for our admin portlets and we are quite happy with it. Portlet bridge also supports RichFaces and Seam so that would allow you to create portlets with a rich user experience.

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              vivek saini Newbie

              We did it with Richfaces & Facelet. It went up smoothly.

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                Philippe Sevestre Newbie

                I was quite successful using AndroMDA as a basic tool to develop a set of portlets for a project of mine.

                The only caveat is that the code generator assumes a liferay portal out of the box, but this can be easily changed thanks to the extensive customization hooks that this tool provides.

                The generated code uses JSF for presentation, using the trinidad components and you can choose from a handful of options to implement your service and persistence layers.

                For modeling, I've used ArgoUML 0.26, which is pretty usable and offers full support for the UML features needed for proper UI code generation.

                In my particular scenario (simple forms, wizards and master/detail reports), AndroMA was able to take care of ~ 90% of UI code, but YMMV...

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                  Andy Pemberton Newbie

                  If the JBoss Portlet Bridge is still a bit too cutting edge for your shop, we've used Spring Portlet MVC successfully in several large scale JBoss Portlet projects. Though, it does come with the typical spring headaches (verbose xml, type safety issues).

                  The answer here depends on a number of factors specific to your project:
                  - skillset of your development team / re-training costs
                  - number and kind of existing applications to migrate
                  - number and kind of new applications to be developed

                  The idea of writing Seam apps and using the JSR301 / Portlet Bridge to suck them into the portal is *very* appealing; though, I can't say from experience how "ready" the stack is: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/PBR

                  Good luck!