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    Jboss Portal Related Issues

    prabahar sahayaraj Newbie

      Hi Friends I am new for portal devlopment. I have few issues. Already some one have mentioned this issues but no reply thats why I post the issues again.

      I am using jboss server 4.2.2 GA and portal 2.7.0

      1 ) How to use drag and drop functionalities

      2 ) I have created one portal. It contains three portlets ie, calendar, country and sites(these are available in left region). user can select the value from left navication portlet. Based on the result we create some dynamic charts portlet in center region.

      Problem : I have created three user and three user has rights to access the portal which I have created. One user logged in and created some dynamic portlet(in center region). If another user logged in, he can see some chart portlet in center region. But he did not create any portlet in center region. The first users chartportlet is reflected this user also.
      How can I avoid this problem.

      3 ) In admin side we can create user. Is it possible to create subUser for that user.

      4 ) If I use Https://.... the partial refresh functionalities is not working. How can I solve this.

      5 ) Can I store the user details in my database When Icreate the user in admin side.

      I am expecting your replys

      Thanks in advance