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    Any one for Apache Jetspeed2 and JBoss 5?

    Benjamin Seyinbour Expert

      Has anyone successfully used Apache Jetspeed2 (v.2.1.3) with JBoss-5.0.x.GA? If you have, why not brag about it: describe how you did it, i.e., installed Jetspeed2 on JBoss 5 and deployed your application ( EAR or WAR); and what were the pitfalls (if any) that you encountered?

      You might be asking, who wants to know? Well, I am a portlet novice, but have already spend 12 man-hours on the Internet, reading about the stuff. And, based on the reviews, thesis and papers on portlets, I have decided on Jetspeed2 (v.2.1.3) and (of course) JBoss 5. However, I am still not very sure about using Jetspeed2 (v.2.1.3) with JBoss 5, so help a poor soul!

      Thanks in advance!