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    JBoss Portal as a Portlet oriented Application

    Stéphane Toussaint Newbie


      I'm currently trying to answer a question. Is JBP designed to fit my requirements ?

      I don't really want to use JBP as a Web Site Portal but like an Application composed by a few Portlets.

      Portlets seems to be the component I'm looking for. It permits me to create some modular features like a Chat, a File repository, etc. and add them to the portal.

      As an extra, JBP comes with a built-in authentication support.

      But I don't really see how I can manage my portal to be the application. How it is build, how it is deployed, how web integration work (css, javascript) is include in those processes.

      In fact the question is which sort off package must my application be ? A war or something like the jboss-portal.sar

      Is there some documentations or online experiences of Application Oriented usage of JBP

      Thanks in advance as I'm a little dazed with all this right now.