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    Adrian Brock Master

      We need to decide how we will handle CVS and the build for the POJO server.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          One suggested solution is to define a jboss-pojo macro
          which takes components from jboss-head module

          To try to avoid breaking other developers in JBoss HEAD
          we will have working copies of
          jboss-system -> jboss-system2 (for the new deployers and service controller wrapper)
          jmx -> jmx2 (for the Uniified Interceptor work)

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            Scott Stark Master

            We definitely need a new system module as a number of things beside jmx are changing in the deployment, dependency, state area.

            I suppose we do need a new jmx module as well. Could we move the common javax.management.* classes to the j2ee module and have jmx* depend on that?

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              Adrian Brock Master

              I would prefer a j2se module.
              There will be use cases where jmx is required but not the full j2ee stack.

              Those classes only need to be maintained by us for pre jdk1.5 jvms.

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                Adrian Brock Master

                One final issue that springs to mind is how to handle
                tools, thirdparty and branching.

                Essentially what I have to do with the current build is:
                1) Define an alias that incorporates all the components that make up checkout
                2) Create a "build" project so I can override the groups definition of buildmagic,
                this could also be done by creating a branch within JBossAS build
                3) Define an alias for the thirdparty jars I want
                4) Modify tools if I want to include new projects/thirdparty - I cannot remove unused
                stuff unless I create a branch in the tools module

                The downside of using a Branch for the pojo project is that modifications
                need to merged across yet another branch (it is already becoming unmanageable with
                three active branches).
                As a positive though, I don't need to create a system2 or jmx2 since I can work in the
                branch and merge the changes later back into the main line.

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                  Scott Stark Master

                  Branches on jmx and system are not that big a deal as these are not seeing much active development. Its going to be a big impact to force the projects that are under very active development to have to deal with multiple branches. I'm fine with working with multiple branches, but I think the branch phobic will be better served by another alias on head.

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                    Tom Elrod Master

                    Branches are probably a cleaner way to do this in the long term, as will other wise have ghost system2 and jmx2 directories at some point (yes I know about pruning, but still creates them on the root CVS disk). Intellij (and I think Eclipse) are now capable of making merges fairly simple (even makes conflict resolution a lot easier).

                    Only reasons IMHO to not do branches is if more than a handful of people will be working on the branch.

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                      Scott Stark Master

                      Long term this work is going back to the head branch so I don't know what term you mean here. If its easiest to get the core micrkernel with jmx support, deployments, etc working on a branch, let's do it and then decide from there how to deal with migration of the existing services.

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                        Tom Elrod Master

                        That's what I mean by long term. Once is put back into HEAD, would leave ghost directories (system2 and jmx2), where as using a branch wouldn't. Is not a big deal, but just gets confusing when browsing repository and see a lot of meaningless directories.

                        • 10. Re: CVS
                          Adrian Brock Master

                          Actually, the ghost directories will be jmx and system
                          jmx2 and system2 will become the new definitions.

                          I am not branch phobic.
                          I like branches, but I don't like the idea of continously merging lots of branches.
                          If there was something like bitkeeper's pull in cvs where you can "automatically"
                          merge change sets and it remembers how you resolved conflicts
                          it wouldn't be such a problem.

                          I'll go with the jmx2/system2 idea for now and only create a branch if it becomes
                          unmanageable, i.e. we see a need to do major modifications to other projects.

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                            Tom Elrod Master

                            Ok. In the end my only concern is that there is NOT a jmx2 and system2 (or any XXX2) directory for the jboss-head checkout This is just going to cause confusion for anyone who has not been keeping up with this thread.

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                              Adrian Brock Master

                              The basics of this have been done, see the task for further work that can be done.

                              cvs ... co jboss-pojo

                              Be careful when modifying thirdparty and tools. They are shared with jboss-head for now.

                              • 13. Re: CVS
                                Scott Stark Master

                                Something is amiss:

                                [starksm@lamia JBossHead]$ cvs -z3 co jboss-pojo
                                U server/src/resources/schema/xml.xsd
                                cvs checkout: Updating server/src/resources/stylesheets
                                cvs checkout: Updating server/src/resources/uuid-key-generator
                                cvs checkout: Updating server/src/resources/uuid-key-generator/META-INF
                                U server/src/resources/uuid-key-generator/META-INF/jboss-service.xml
                                cvs [checkout aborted]: there is no repository /cvsroot/jboss/jboss-system2

                                • 14. Re: CVS
                                  Adrian Brock Master

                                  Is this still a problem? I though I fixed this on Tuesday?

                                  User: ejort
                                   Date: 05/01/05 16:35:46
                                   Modified: . modules
                                   Fix the name of system2
                                   Revision Changes Path
                                   1.440 +2 -2 CVSROOT/modules
                                   Index: modules
                                   RCS file: /cvsroot/jboss/CVSROOT/modules,v
                                   retrieving revision 1.439
                                   retrieving revision 1.440
                                   diff -u -r1.439 -r1.440
                                   --- modules 6 Jan 2005 00:05:07 -0000 1.439
                                   +++ modules 6 Jan 2005 00:35:46 -0000 1.440
                                   @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
                                   -# $Id: modules,v 1.439 2005/01/06 00:05:07 ejort Exp $
                                   +# $Id: modules,v 1.440 2005/01/06 00:35:46 ejort Exp $
                                   # Three different line formats are valid:
                                   # key -a aliases...
                                   @@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
                                   _jboss_security -d security jbosssx
                                   _jboss_server -d server jboss
                                   _jboss_system -d system jboss-system
                                   -_jboss_system2 -d system jboss-system2
                                   +_jboss_system2 -d system system2
                                   _jboss_testsuite -d testsuite jbosstest
                                   _jboss_transaction -d transaction jboss-transaction
                                   _jboss_varia -d varia contrib/varia

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