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    repository.jboss.com/maven2 missing files??

    Charles Crouch Expert

      Why does


      contain only .md5 files? Shouldn't there also be a .jar for instance?

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          Scott Stark Master

          There should be, but I think this is still a work in progress by Paul:

          [starksm@succubus 2.0.0.Beta]$ cvs log jboss-metatype-2.0.0.Beta.jar
          RCS file: /cvsroot/jboss/repository.jboss.com/maven2/jboss/jboss-metatype/2.0.0.Beta/jboss-metatype-2.0.0.Beta.jar,v
          Working file: jboss-metatype-2.0.0.Beta.jar
          head: 1.1
          locks: strict
          access list:
          symbolic names:
          keyword substitution: b
          total revisions: 1; selected revisions: 1
          revision 1.1
          date: 2007/01/18 21:28:44; author: pgier; state: Exp;
          JBMICROCONT-117; Added microcontainer subproject metatype.

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            Paul Gier Master

            Sorry, this was my mistake. I added the jar files, but I realized they were snapshots and not actually the 2.0.0-beta version. So I removed the jars from CVS, but the md5 files stayed there even though they are not in CVS.

            I added 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT versions of the microcontainer projects, so you should be able to use those now.