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    Regression on VirtualFile.toURL()

    Carlo de Wolf Master

      Because of a regression in VFS where virtualFile.toURL() used to return 'vfszip:/tmp/ejb3_pkg_scope.ear/ejb3_pkg_scope.jar' and is now returning 'vfszip:/tmp/ejb3_pkg_scope.ear/ejb3_pkg_scope.jar/' JPA deployers doesn't get the Persistence Unit root URL anymore.

      This is most harmful for jar-file entries in persistence xml which are supposed to be relative to that URL. Thus resulting in entries like 'vfszip:/tmp/ejb3_pkg_scope.ear/ejb3_pkg_scope.jar/lib/common.jar' instead of 'vfszip:/tmp/ejb3_pkg_scope.ear/lib/common.jar'.

      I say this needs to be fixed soon.

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