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    What's this JMSRecoverable?


      In one of the messaging tests for XARecovery, test was using querying JMSRecoverable from jndi (jndi name "jms-recoverables") and fetching the xa resource list from there.

      I have searched all the source code but unfortunately I couldn't find any where reference to JMSRecoverable class being used.

      My questions:

      1) How is this class registered to JNDI? (is there any *-service.xml that would do this job?)

      2) how is this class populated with the xa resoruces? (who's populating - is it populated when prepare is called?)

      3) who's going to query this class for recovery (I am assuming transaction manager, am I correct?)

      Any help would be much appreciated

      (Sorry for double posting)

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