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    upgrading to richfaces 3.2.2

    Mike Baum Newbie

      I have been trying to upgrade my seam-gen created project to richfaces 3.2.2.GA and have not been able to do so successfully and I was wondering if anyone has any advice.

      I am using eclipse 3.4.1 with JBoss Tools 3.0.0.Alpha1.

      Where I am struggling is that even though I add the 3 jar files: richfaces-api-3.2.2.GA.jar, richfaces-impl-3.2.2.GA.jar and richfaces-ui-3.2.2.GA.jar to the lib folder, add the filters to the web.xml file and add the tag lib mapping <xmlns:rich ... and <xmlns:a4j ... to the header of each xhtml file I am not able to access the new components. Specifically I am trying to access the extendedDataTable. Also I would like to update the JBoss Tools Palette to add the new components. Anyone out there have any suggestions...