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    JBM 2.0 Clustering

    Boris Lublinsky Novice

      I realize that clustering is not part of Alpha release, but because it is essintial for my architecture I want to try to find out whether it is going to support the following (Unfortunately, I can't paste a picture here, but can provide it).
      I have a massively parallel grid of execution nodes and want to use JBM 2.0 as communication mechanism, so that I can leverage load balancing and fault tolerance, provided by queueing. I want to embed JBM server in every execution node, so that my code does all the messaging localy and it is up to the cluster to do actual load balancing. This also should minimize network traffic (and latency) by assuring 1 network hop per message. Will JBM 2.0 cluster support such architecture and what can I start doing now to prove it?

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