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    Memory Leak while load testing



      I am facing with JBoss messaging problem while I conduct stress test at the customer site.

      There are 3 instances and the architecture is below:
      <Manufacturing Euip> ----> JBoss Messaging 1.4.0 SP3 <-----> <Biz Appliation>

      JBoss Messaging doesn't have any application.

      I have used a message selector with Topic and configuration as follows:
      1. Manufacturing Equipment use a topic session pool
      - Session Connection Count : 60
      2. Manufacturing Equipment sends a message which includes UUID to request Topic.
      3. Biz Application(single thread for message ordering) have a listener for request topic and process the message when a message is arrived.
      4. Biz appliation create a subscriber including UUID and send it to reply topic.
      5. Manufacturing Equipment waits a reply message with message selector using above UUID.

      JBoss Messaging configuration is default and I made only request/reply topic for application.

      Test tool is Load runner 8.0 and concurrent sessions are 150. While the performance test, heap memory increase slowly.
      In the end there are no available connections and client can't make connection/communication.

      I don't know why too many of BasicMBeanRegistry in VM tree.


      Is there a big problem when I use a Message Selector?
      What is the check point in this case?

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          This seems that image link doesn't work. Copy image url to your browser and can see the result of HP Jmeter report.

          By report, org.jboss.mx.server.registry.BasicMBeanRegistry and EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.ConcurrentReaderHashMap held over 110,000 objects in heap memory.

          What happened between JBoss Messaging and JMX?
          Holding objects dramatically increse whenever client send a message to the Topic.

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            Andy Taylor Master

            Firstly, i would make sure that you're closing your connections when you're finished with them.

            Also theres a new release due out in the next week or two (1.4.1), I would give this a go when its released to see if you get the same problem. If you cant wait you can always build it from CVS.

            If that gets you no where, if you could write a standalone then someone will take a look.

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              Andy Taylor Master


              If you cant wait you can always build it from CVS.

              Obviously i meant SVN

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                Tim Fox Master

                Without seeing your code it would be hard to diagnose this.

                BTW please use the support portal if you have a suport contract, not the forums!

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                  Thank you for your replies.

                  As I mentioned above, I am using a session pool that has serveral active sessions (jakarta commons-pool)

                  I think the problem seems that new connections just hang while retry connecting after abnormal close thru kill signal.

                  After that, I can't make a new session for commons-pool and JBoss Messaging server was slow down even CPU is 100%. At this time, I could see that pausing a client side app would make it lose connectivity with the server.

                  09:31:14,572 WARN [SimpleConnectionManager] A problem has been detected with the connection to remote client c2o92u-cl2b1-fns3ikvr-1-fns3j0lj-1h, jmsClientID=g-kkli3snf-1-rvki3snf-1b2lc-u29o2c. It is possible the client has exited without closing its connection(s) or the network has failed. All associated connection resources will be cleaned up.

                  I found below post for solving this problem and downloaded JBM 1.4.0 SP3_CP04 but it seems not to work.

                  I would really appreciate any help!

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                    Tim Fox Master

                    Please, can you use the support portal, and a support engineer will help you with your issues.