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    application not responding after a day, server and probe wor

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      we have an application on our development server which stops being available after some time (a day or so)

      Error message:

      HTTP Status 404 - /app/
      type Status report
      message /app/
      description The requested resource (/app/) is not available.

      When I take the ear to another server it works.

      There is another server where this doesn't happen, although the config is pretty much the same. What I notice is the number of open files on the server where this happens is higher than on the one where it does not happen.

      For example i-text.lib is opened parallely in 26 different /deploy/tmpXXXXXXXXXXXapp-ear.ear

      Why are these files left open, and why are they never closed, although there are no more connections or application activity.

      Any ideas are welcome, greetings