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    Netbeans + Seam Plugin = Success !!

    Eric Cartman Newbie

      After fighting... for more than a week with JBoss Eclipse IDE + Seam + Exadel ... I concluded that THIS PLATFORM SUCKS

      There's no way to make them work.... If you get it.... after two days stops working.... and eats a lot of memory just to start it.

      So I tried Netbeans + Seam + Seam Plugin.... It worked fine at the first time... NO PROBLEM !!!!!! I can't believe it.

      I have initialized a Web project full enabled with Hibernate, Seam, Drools, and jBPM.

      I hope this message saves time to next one testing JBossEclipse.

      PD: JBoss Team, if you are working to release Red Hat Developer Studio, please hurry, there's a huge need for integrated tool.