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    WSRP portlet development As Generic way

    Srikanth Kalvakota Newbie

      This is Srikanth , newbie to JBoss portal framework.

      I have to configure a WSRP portlet to the portal.I got the guidelines from the documentation provided by jboss portal and configured it successfully.

      I've a doubt whether it is possible to develop a simple portlet and including the WSRP related code inside it(i.e inside the doView, and doEdit).I think it is possible, but want to know which service i need to use. just i walked through the code and found there is some MBean service defined for the WSRPConsumerImpl, but the same is not available in the release version.

      for example:
      All the wsrp related configurations will be kept inside the portlet.xml as preferences. we include the portlet conntext also in this.

      I require a WSRPGenericPortlet which can be extended by the developer in future and in the init we will initialize the WSRP related configurations. in the doView(), doEdit().. we will pass the respective request to the service provider.

      public class WSRPGenericPortlet extends GenericPortlet{


      initialize the Endipoint & Registration;

      call the doview related service

      call the doEdit related service


      by using the above the end developer can write portlet as following

      public class SampleWSRPportlet extends WSRPGenericPortlet{


      provides the configurations in the portlet.xml

      Note: I don't require the postions and themes to be maintained by service provider.

      Kindly Help me on this.