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    Conversation start with @Factory ?

    Louis Coetzee Apprentice

      Hi all,

      I am trying to start a conversation through the @Factory tag:

      public String findAllNapContent() {

      in this method I add stuff to the conversation context which I later access:

      Accoring to Gavin's initial post regarding the @Factory tag
      the conversation is supposed to be started. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be the case. Somewhere else I try and do the following (still in the same conversation):
      Context ctx = Contexts.getConversationContext();
      Map<String, LanguageEnum> map = (Map<String, LanguageEnum>) ctx

      Unfortunately my ctx does not contain a value for that key (actually it is completely empty e.g. nothing associated with that conversation).

      Does the @Factory allow for the start of a conversation? If not, any suggestions as to start the conversation ?
      I am using the CVS version of Seam.



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