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    CVS Noob question


      Back in October I started prototyping a project using Seam 1.0 beta, but time overtook me and I fell back to using basic JSF managed beans and EJB3.

      I now have time to llok again, and would like to make use of some of the new features only available in the CVS version.

      Is there a prebuilt CVS jboss-seam.jar file available, or do I have to build it myself?

      If self build, how do I do this from behind a firewall that blocks pserver access?

      I've tried the following command:

      cvsgrab -connections 10 -clean -prune -webInterface FishEye1_0 -url http://anoncvs.forge.jboss.com/viewrep/JBoss/jboss-seam -destDir .
      which appears to download all the files, but cannot build them.

      Any help is much appreciated.