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    Seam reverse engineering tool

    Gavin King Master

      The Hibernate Tools Seam application reverse engineering tool is now ready for use. You can download it here:


      You will need a current CVS build of Seam.

      You'll also need to upgrade the hibernate3.jar, hibernate-annotations.jar and hibernate-entitymanager.jar files distributed with JBoss (note that there may be multiple copies of the jars in your JBoss install). Use Hibernate 3.1, HA 3.1beta7, HEM 3.1beta5. Actually, everyone using Seam-managed persistence contexts should do this, not just people using the tool.

      1. Unzip HibernateTools-3.1.0.N200512xxxxxx.zip to your eclipse directory.

      2. Replace all hibernate3.jar, hibernate-annotations.jar and hibernate-entitymanager.jar in your JBoss jboss-4.0.3xxx/server/ directory with the latest releases.

      3. Start eclipse.

      4. In the Hibernate Console perspective, create a console configuration, providing needed hibernate.properties and JDBC driver jar

      5. Create a new java project with a lib/ directory containing ejb3-persistence.jar, hibernate-annotations.jar, jboss-annotations-ejb3.jar, jboss-ejb3x.jar, jboss-seam.jar (from CVS), myfaces-api.jar.

      6. From the Hibernate Code Generation launcher, create a new launcher configuration, selecting "Reverse engineer from JDBC Connection", "Generate JBoss Seam skeleton app", "Reresh resources upon completion", your console configuration, and your Java project. Click "Setup..." to create a new reveng.xml file and select the tables you want to reverse engineer. Finally click "Run" to generate the application.

      7. Edit the generated build.properties to point to your JBoss install, and persistence.xml to point to the datasource you want to use (you can leave it as java:/DefaultDS if you like).

      8. From the project directory, type "ant" to build and deploy the application to JBoss.

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