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    SeamTest Performance, is there a way to speed up?

    Dan Liu Apprentice

      quite often, I change my code a little bit and I run the test to see the result. At moment, all my test extend SeamTest since it builds a nice test enrionment for me automatically. Now with more and more code added, it takes a long time to run my test. It sometimes take more than 30 seconds to startup the embeded container (my computer is quite decent with 1G of ram).

      Now I even perfer to deploy my ear to jboss whenever I made a change to my code, and refresh on my browser to see the result. I found this would take much less time. Obviously, this is inefficient and time wasting.

      Is there a way to speed up the SeamTest (the embeded container)? My application is layered as: jsf pages + Stateful/Stateless beans + DAO pojos + Entity beans.

      Before I use Seam, I used shales mock object to test my jsf pages and back beans. Now with seam, is there a good mock framework?

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