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    JSF 1.2 / Seam

    Roger Kitain Newbie


      I've been tryin got get Seam to run in a JSF 1.2/JSP 2.1/Servlet 2.5 container (glassfish).
      Specifically, I am trying to get the Seam booking exampe to run, but I am running into the following problems:

      1. the SeamVariableResolver is not getting called - it is my understanding that with Seam beta2 you do not have to specify the SeamVariableResolver.

      2. To get by the first problem, I added the SeamVariableResolver in my faces-config.xml.
      The SeamVariableResolver cannot resolve the name "user" (which is supposed to be the name of the entity bean User.java). After some debugging, the SeamVariableReoslver.resolveVariable method is called, but that entity bean does not exist in any of the Seam contexts. It appears that none of the entity beans are getting loaded at initialization time.

      Any ideas on this one? Is there a workaround to this problem?

      Thanks, Roger

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