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    Component Binding to conversation does not work

    Stefan Craatz Newbie


      we are trying to bind a faces UI component to a conversation.scope Java bean with SEAM 1.0B2 and myFaces 1.1.1/facelets.
      Whenever the form is postet SEAM complains that "no conversation is active" and throws an exception.

      <h:inputText value="#{conversation.input}" binding="#{conversation.inputComponent}" />

      Question: Am I doing something wrong? Is there a workaround?


      After looking at the SEAM and myFaces source I believe that the problem is, that SEAM restores the current conversation in the AFTER_PHASE listener of RESTORE_VIEW,

       public void afterPhase(PhaseEvent event)
       log.trace( "after phase: " + event.getPhaseId() );
       if ( event.getPhaseId() == RESTORE_VIEW )
       else if ( event.getPhaseId() == RENDER_RESPONSE )

      and myFaces sets the bindings before calling the AFTER_PHASE listener

       recursivelyHandleComponentReferencesAndSetValid(facesContext, viewRoot);
       informPhaseListenersAfter(facesContext, PhaseId.RESTORE_VIEW);

      Just moving the SEAM-code to the other Phase does not work, because the
      restoreAnyConversationContext(event); method accesses the component tree.

      When is the conversationID stored in the request-params and when attached to the UIViewRoot?