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    Web services and Seam

    Andris Birkmanis Newbie

      We are evaluating Seam for use in several projects, and have come up with several questions.

      One of them is the intended affinity of Seam and web services.
      Currently, Seam runs in JSF-driven configuration ou of the box; how easy would it be to configure it to expose web services instead of JSF UI? Is it going to require a major rewrite? Is it in the plan or it never will get into the plan?

      As an additional question (if Seam is going to support web services in some way) - are there any plans to bind Seam conversations to "conversational" services (in the sense of http://www.w3.org/TR/wscl10/)?

      Or is functionality like that supposed to be added by third parties? What is the SPI in this case? Which parts of Seam are supposed to be extended, and what form its "hidden implementation"?


      Andris Birkmanis

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