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    @Begin  doesn't work  whith @Observe,  navigation rule

    Michael Steiner Newbie

      I have two components ItemsList and ItemEditor. ItemsList has factory method for datamodel and method select() which is called when someone select item from list (datamodelselection). Method select() raise event: "itemSelected" and return outcome "selected".

      In ItemEditor is method edit() annotated with @Begin and @Observe("itemSelected"). In faces-config I have navigation rule: from view itemList.xhtml from outcome "selected" to view edIItem.xhtml.

      So, if user select item from list, event is fired, conversation edit item should begin with selected item in its scope, but it doesn't work. method edit is called but it looks like @Begin doesn't work: debug.seam says there is no conversations. If I remove navigation rule from faces-config.xml conversation is started properly. It is a bug ? Or I do something wrong? (Seam 1.0.1)