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    Log4JLogger doesn't print right source line

    Rob Jellinghaus Novice

      When I run the Seam 1.0.1GA Hibernate testexample, here's the very beginning of the "ant clean testexample" output:

       [copy] Copying 44 files to C:\robj\dev\seam\jboss-seam\examples\hibernate\build\test
       [testng] INFO 03-07 10:40:37,125 (Log4JLogger.java:info:94) -reading components.xml
       [testng] INFO 03-07 10:40:37,218 (Log4JLogger.java:info:94) -reading properties from: /seam.properties

      Note that all of the logging lines are "Log4JLogger.java:info:94". This is, of course, not what I want. I want to know where in the source is the original call to log.info, not the line number inside Log4JLogger!

      This used to work with a previous beta of Seam, but broke somewhere along the way to 1.0.1GA. Anyone else noticed this? Troubled by it? Got a fix?????

      Thanks :-)