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    request parameter vs @DataModelSelection

    holgerprause Newbie


      I got a very basic question.
      i am currently implementing a site where members with different roles
      can register and perform actions (submit task, etc).

      I currently implementing the action "view member details"

      Doing this with request parameter "?member_id" an a correponding bean where this will be injected via "@RequestParameter" is very easy.

      But, if u manipulate the get parameter, u can see the memberdetails of every member, i dont think thats a nice feature

      Ok if use

      u can get around this, but the both declarations have to b in the same bean
      which breaks my application desing
      (i want 1 bean for the list action and 1 for the detail action, not 2 for both)

      For search i can live with that limitation but not for the action "view task details" the code is really getting messed up.

      Is there a 3rd way to get the member_id injected without using request parameter ?

      Thank u very much,