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    scrollableDataTable/extendedDataTable lose values in inputTe

    Martin Ackermann Newbie

      Dear RichFaces experts,

      it would be very kind if you could comment the following problem scenario:

      - scrollableDataTable with inputText element embedded as children
      - First edit the value in the embedded inputText
      - Then change filter or sorting of the scrollableDataTable
      - Edited value in the embedded inputText is lost and overridden with the original value from the model

      The cause of the problem is that the lifecycle after changing filter/sorting is:

      UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES is missing when using scrollableDataTable. With extendedDataTable, the problem is the same.

      But if I use DataTable instead of scrollableDataTable, the problem disappears, because UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES is performed for DataTable.

      Thanks in advance for any hint or workaround.

      Kind regards, Martin.