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    Seam calling other ejbs

    der df Newbie

      image this configuration:

      On the same jboss 4.04 server, there are two .ear packages.
      test1.ear, test2.ear deployed.

      test1.ear contains one ejb 3.0 stateless bean (CustomerManager.java) and a customer domain object (Customer.java).

      Test2.ear contains some seam components, which uses test1.ear:CustomerManager to add a new Customer. I have also use the Customer class (which is a transfer object actually) from test1.ear in test2.ear. The Problem is, that Customer.java has to be marked as Seam Component (@Name), but this is not possible, because it resides inside test1.ear. (This would be possible, if test1.ear and some residing components are marked as seam components and deployed so. test1.ear contains only business components and should not coupled with seam)

      How can one use other domain objects deployed in other .ears in Seam, which are not seam components?


      Özcan Acar

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