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    Wildcards for no-conversation-view-id

    Dave Whittaker Novice

      After looking at the source I'm thinking that using a wildcard to specify a no-conversation-view-id for a group of pages isn't currently possible. Is that right? Shouldn't it be? Generally I have several groups of pages that each constitute an individual conversation, but they are not really complex enough to merit pageflows in my opinion. They all look very much the same: the conversation is started by an action within pages.xml before the first page is displayed, and the rest of the pages/actions are conversation and protected either through a wildcard page-action or the @Conversational annotation. Otherwise, there is nothing to differentiate those internal pages from each other so it would be nice to just say:

      <page view-id="/group-starter" action="#{conversation.begin}"/>
      <page view-id="/group/*" no-conversation-view-id="/group-starter" action="#{conversationUtils.conversational}"/>

      rather than creating a page element for every individual page within the conversation.

      This actually feeds into some other issues like the fact that wildcard actions occur first, which means that I cannot easily group all of the pages together (if my example /group-starter page was instead /group/group-starter, the #{conversationUtils.conversational} action would fire first never allowing the #{conversation.begin} action to occur) but maybe that's best left for another post.

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