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    Gavin King Master

      So, the big news today is that ICEfaces has been open sourced. This is (IMO) the best of the JSF component libraries out there (interesting contenders are Trinidad, ICEFaces, perhaps RCFaces).

      So we need to get to work on integrating this stuff with Seam.

      This is really great news, great for JSF, and great for everyone building apps with Seam.

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          Richard Leherpeur Novice

          I just took a look at the ICEfaces web site and I believe that having it integrated with seam would be great.
          That's great news!

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            Gus Gu Expert

            Unbelievable! Now, it is time to switch to ICEfaces from Tomahawk. Thanks looooots, Gavin, for integrating ICEfaces with Seam!

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              Ben Catherall Newbie

              here, here.

              i saw icefaces a while back, and have to agree it looks very professional.
              as a matter of interest, what sort of work is required to integrate a new jsf library?


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                John Newbie

                I was looking at their product last week, too. Definitely matured. I've read the posts on this forum and it sounds like the components don't work with Seam yet because of the conversationId not being passed around. Would it be possible for me to use their tree component on a page that uses ajax4jsf to render the other panels? I'm still learning this stuff, so I'm not sure what might work.

                Appreciate your feedback.


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                  John Newbie

                  FYI, I just checked the ICEFaces.org forum (just done yesterday) and I did get a response yesterday from their tech about using tree component with Seam. Here's the response:

                  New release is happening tomorrow. Preliminary Seam itegration is included. We have made pretty good progress. We should have a new knowledge base entry on current Seam support available tomorrow. We will post to the forum with the same information.

                  Sounds promising!!

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                    Mihai Anescu Newbie


                    Do you have a timeframe for the integration of ICEFaces?
                    Or the Seam version where they should be available?

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                      Gavin King Master


                      as a matter of interest, what sort of work is required to integrate a new jsf library?

                      For most libraries not much, but libraries that do Ajax need some added-on lifecycle stuff that sometimes conflicts with Seam's phase listeners. Once that stuff gets standardized in the next rev of JSF there will be no problem, but for now it generally means a little bit of work on both sides to fix any incompatibility. Seam 1.1 beta 2 is much more tolerant of Ajax libraries, in this respect.

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                        Gavin King Master

                        As I understand it, the ICEfaces guys believe that they already have Seam working with ICEfaces (possibly with some caveats) - but you would be better to ask them about that than me. I will try to have some kind of ICEfaces example in the next release of Seam.

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                          Gregory Dick Newbie

                          Hi everyone. I've been working on Seam integration within ICEfaces for the last few months, and this version of ICEfaces contains the code changes necessary to allow Seam to work within our AJAX model.

                          I think that it's a bit green at the moment, but that there's a great upside to be had over the next few months as we come up with some examples and approaches that leverage both products' strengths.

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                            tedgoddard Newbie

                            I just tried jboss-seam-1.1.0.BETA2 (jems-installer-1.2.0.BETA3) with ICEfaces 1.5 in the booking application. After configuring in our servlets (web.xml) and D2DFaceletViewHandler (faces-config.xml) and removing ajax4jsf (removing .jar and tag references), register.seam was automatically ajax-enabled (incremental update upon validation errors). So, Greg and I can definitely proceed with our integration based on Seam 1.1.

                            (Should we provide in-depth technical details here, or is that the topic for another forum?)

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                              Gus Gu Expert

                              Yes, please. I like to try the integration of the powerful Seam and the beautiful ICE right now, before Gavin finally release Seam 1.1GA with ICE integration (according to Seam road map). Thank you so much!!!

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                                Gavin King Master

                                Ted, it would be great if you could log stuff here :-)

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                                  John DeStefano Apprentice


                                  I see there is a JBoss-Seam/Icefaces integration guide on the Iceface website. Unfortunately the site seems to be none functional at the moment. If the Icefaces guys are listening, any chance of posting this guide to the wiki here?


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                                    Stephen Cosenza Newbie

                                    The ICEfaces 1.5 Release Notes say "Preliminary integration with JBoss Seam has been achieved." Since no other details are given, does anyone know what should and should not be expected to work in the 1.5 release?

                                    Also, does the integration with Seam simply include the steps TedGoddard mentions above?


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