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    Seam managed a4j:mediaOutput

    Courtney Couch Newbie

      I'm not sure if this isnt possible or if I'm simply doing something wrong but I'm trying to use seam injected components with the mediaOutput tag.

      i.e. <a4j:mediaOutput element="img" cacheable="false" session="true" createContent="#{paintBean.paint}" mimeType="image/jpeg"/>

      where paintBean is a seam managed components.

      I am thinking that I cannot use seam components (as it would render the value parameter unnecessary anyway).

      I can use it without a problem adding the manage-bean definitions in faces-config.xml and then passing a value class so getting it working isnt the problem... It would just be VERY convenient to be able to use bijection in the bean creating the content rather than serializing a class in the value parameter since that only lets me inject a serializable class to the paint bean.