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    Suggestion Box doesn't hide when pressing TAB

    Urszula Jessen Newbie

      The error occurs when pressing TAB in the moment when the suggestion box is being drawn with the matching suggestions to the input. (the TAB should be pressed exactly in the moment when suggestion box begins to be drawn).
      The first suggestion is selected, the focus is set to the input field but the suggestion box doesn't hide.

      Testing the bug on Richfaces live Demo Site (Open Source RichFaces JSF Components) the error occures in a bit different way than in my developement.

      In my Application, the first Suggestion is filled in input field but still remains available in the suggestion box (but nothing happens when trying to select with mouse). In LiveDemo the Entry is selected and the suggestion box remains empty.

      I know there has been some issues with suggestionBox and TAB in previous versions of RichFaces. I use at the moment 3.2.2 Version. Has anybody got any idea how to loose this problem.

      Thanks in advance