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    DropdownMenu error

    Chris Au Newbie

      Dear All,

      I am trying to use the Richfaces Dropdown menu, I follow exactly the same as the livedemo, but it failed to generate correctly. After checking with the source code generated, I found some weird code generated :

      in Firefox 2:
      $('j_id1:j_id11:icon').className='dr-menu-icon dr-me�u-icon-selected rich-menu-item-icon rich-menu-item-icon-selected ';

      in IE 7:
      $('j_id1:j_id13:icon').className='dr-menu-icon dr-me u-icon-selected rich-menu-item-icon rich-menu-item-icon-selected ';

      the strange character makes firefox failed to generate the page. But in IE, it simply ignore it because it is just a weird class name. This code is generated using Richfaces 3.3.0 GA (The latest version).
      With Richfaces 3.2.2 GA, similar problem but the strange character appeared in the
      " lement.addClassName($('j_id1:j_id13:anchor'), 'rich-menu-item-label-selected');"

      Sometimes the 'E' character of "Element", sometimes the 'a' character of "addClass" become the weird character and thus generating JS exception in IE and failed to render the page in FF.

      Any idea on what's happening?