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    Deploying to OC4J

    Jason Lee Newbie

      I have a Seam 2 app that deploys to GlassFish v2 and works fine. When I deploy it to OC4J, though, it dies in this method:

      public static Component forName(String name)
      if ( !Contexts.isApplicationContextActive() )
      throw new IllegalStateException("No application context active");
      return (Component) Contexts.getApplicationContext().get( name + ".component" );

      I hove both the JSF RI and Seam Listeners installed in web.xml, and am bundling the jars with the app. Any idea what might be causing that? If I remove the Seam jars and comment out the Seam config in web.xml, the application deploys, for what that's worth.

      Thanks! :)

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