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    Remoting does not invoke my @WebRemote ?

    Samuel Doyle Apprentice

      Hi, I followed the instructions closely but I am unable to see my method being invoked from the client. I have remote debugging enabled and this is the popup I get.

      Mon Jul 30 17:40:43 PDT 2007: Request packet:
      <envelope><header><context></context></header><body><call component="garageAccessor" method="getGarages" id="0">
      Mon Jul 30 17:40:44 PDT 2007: Response packet:

      The interface is basic atm since I'm just testing.

      public interface GarageAccessorLocal {
       @WebRemote( exclude = {"garageUpdates"} )
       public List<GarageEntityBean> getGarages();


      public List<GarageEntityBean> getGarages()
       List<GarageEntityBean> garages = garageEntityBeanFacade.findAll();
       return garages;

      A breakpoint in the getGarages method never gets hit. There are no exceptions or other signs indicating what the problem is in the logs.

      I was using DWR before this and was able to get it to work fine. Any ideas?

      Thanks, S.D.

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