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    SelectItems with noSelectionLabel not resetting to null on s

    James Hays Novice

      I've pulled down the latest successful build of Seam from August 17th, but am still having issues with this particular drop down list. When the page loads, I choose an item from the list and submit the form. Everything performs as expected. The next time I load the page, the previous item is already selected, as expected since I'm running inside a conversation. When I go back and choose "-- Select --" from the dropdown list, which is the noSelectionLabel, my SFSB field is not reset to null, but retains its old value.

      Any suggestions on this? Do you want me to submit this as a bug?

       <h:outputLabel value="Requesting Strat. Unit:" for="StrategicUnit"/>
       <h:selectOneMenu id="StrategicUnit" value="#{search.strategicUnit}">
       <s:selectItems var="strategicUnit" value="#{strategicUnitsList}"
       label="#{strategicUnit.title}" noSelectionLabel="-- Select --"/>