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    Pageflows with RESTful URLs

    Brian Smith Apprentice

      Has anyone tried using these two together? I can't seem to get parameters to propagate across redirects when in a pageflow. If I try to forgo the transition in the pageflow and point an s:link directly to the page using the view property, I get "Illegal Naviation" errors.


      <start-page name="addressSearch" view-id="/addresslookup.xhtml">
       <transition name="viewServiceRequests" to="serviceRequestListing">
       <action expression="#{addressLocator.viewServiceRequests}"/>
       <transition name="viewServiceRequest" to="serviceRequest"/>
      <page name="serviceRequest" view-id="/servicerequest.xhtml"
       <transition name="viewAssignments" to="assignmentListing"/>

      I get the same behavior even when I remove the redirect.

      <page view-id="/servicerequest.xhtml">
       <param name="serviceRequestId" value="#{serviceRequestManager.serviceRequestId}"
       <begin-conversation join="true"/>
       <action execute="#{serviceRequestManager.loadServiceRequest(serviceRequestManager.serviceRequestId)}"/>

      This link is not propagating the serviceRequestId parameter, only the conversation id
      <s:link action="viewServiceRequest"
       <f:param name="serviceRequestId" value="#{req.serviceRequestId}" />

      This link gives me an "Illegal Navigation" error message inserted into FacesMessages
      <s:link view="/servicerequest.xhtml"
       <f:param name="serviceRequestId" value="#{req.serviceRequestId}" />

      What the heck am i doing wrong?

      I am running Seam 2 CR1 with RichFaces 3.1.1 Snapshot from 9-24-2007