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    extendedDataTable and outputText: if text is too long, it do

    Robert Phair Newbie

      Hey, everyone,

      I'm noticing some strange behavior with the rich:extendedDataTable tag. I have a column that returns a fairly long string, and if the string being displayed is too long for the column of the table it's being shown in, instead of wrapping the text, it just doesn't show the part that's beyond the boundaries of the column. I would expect that, like a regular dataTable cell, if the data in a given cell is too long for the width of the cell, it would simply wrap to the next line and continue.

      I am using RichFaces v. 3.3.0.GA on a GlassFish V2 server, testing on Firefox v. 3.0.5. I can provide code samples or other configuration information as necessary. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, are there any fixes?

      So far, I have tried encapsulating the outputText in a rich:panel and a div with a given width, but neither one seems to work; the text continues to run off the column.

      Any advice anyone can offer is much appreciated. Thanks!