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    What JSF implementation to use with SEAM

    Vishal Sharma Expert

      I'm in a protoyping exercise for a company where we are looking for RICH UI application with AJAX support, easy to manage and develop aplication using J2EE.

      After reading lots of docs i'm bit confused so thought lets ask the community

      My questions are these :

      1. What JSF implementation come by default with SEAM

      Is it :
      Facelets JSF
      Or You can plug and play any.

      1.1 If it you can plug and play which is the recommended JSF implementation for SEAM ?

      2. What is the difference between Facelets and JSF Facelets.

      3. What versions of Jboss it (SEAM) works with

      Is it :
      4.2 >= Onwards
      Because of EJB 3.0 support

      Or You can use 4.0 and patch it for EJB 3.0 and it can work.

      4. With new release of RichFaces (Ajax Library) which says it works
      out of the Box with Seam, which version of SEAM it works with?

      4.1 And it (RichFaces) says it works with Jboss 4.0.4 onwards I'm assuming it will work with SEAM on Jboss - 4.2

      Any clarifications on these questions will be a great help in finalizing my decisions and recommendations to the buisness.