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    Entities are lost in SMPC

    Daniel Kane Novice

      I don't knos which part of code is relevant, so will explain the situation in words first.

      There are two pages, accessible from toolbar menu (s:links).
      pages.xml contains <begin-conversation join="true"> for <page view-id="*"> , i.e. single global conversation should exist during the session. And it does, according URL (cid=1 always) and debug page.

      Each page has backing component , SFSB scoped to conversation (by default).

      Both components injects SMPC entityManager.

      The problem :
      When page1 is being opened first time, it contains all expected data (3 Datamodels).
      When we navigate to page2, it is ok as well (2 Datamodels).
      But whet switching back to page1, entity beans in Datamodels turns to null although numbers of entries in Lists remains the same.

      Lists are being populated in @Create methods, so no repopulation happens.
      Conversation is active, debug page says so too.
      Moreover, single entity members remains assigned. But entities in lists gets lost.

      Any ideas how is that possible, what to check ?


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