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    Is TestNG more convenient then JUnit?

    Dmitriy Lapko Newbie

      I have some doubts that TestNG is more convenient then JUnit, the main is - pour support of Eclipse IMHO. Please, correct me, if I'm wrong, but you cannot run one test method in a test class without writing xml for this test. Actually, if you want to run any test with TestNG, you have to write XML for it... I don't think that is convenient, don't you? It is really annoying - we are using annotations and at the same time we have to write xmls, what a hell...

      I understand, why Seam team uses TestNG - it contains some useful annotations like @BeforeClass and so on. But for real using day-by-day it is so boredom to copy xml files, rename them, edit their contents by copy-and-paste 3 times. For EACH test!

      I use last version of TestNG plugin for eclipse It still has ugly bugs, like disappearing Run as TestNG for classes, so you have to run test clicking right button on xml.

      Am I alone who is unsatisfied with TestNG plugin? Are there other plugins?

      Because I don't see a lot of activities in TestNG development group and disappointed by comparison of JUnit and TestNG Eclipse support.