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    Seam PDF with content-disposition=attachment - is it possibl

    Alex Savitsky Novice

      Currently, when I generate PDFs using Seam PDF, they either a) open in the same browser window by default, or b) open in a new window, if I use s:link with target="_blank". What I'm missing (compared to the old way of generating PDFs using Jasper - not that I miss Jasper by any amount) is the ability to force a save dialog to pop up when a PDF is requested, by setting "content-disposition: attachment" in the response.

      Now, my question is, was this ever addressed by Seam? Is it possible to force a save dialog when generating PDF using Seam PDF?

      Alternatively, is it possible to get the generated PDF as a byte[] in the code - so that I would output it manually, setting the content-disposition on the way?

      Thanks a lot,